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Linux web hosting offerings

The moderately priced Business ($3.75 USD per month) plans are all powered by one of the most advanced cloud hosting platforms attainable on the present day web hosting market. The impressive thing here is that the cloud site hosting solution has been entirely built by SupremeServer. It's in-house developed. And not only that. There are four server farm locations this fantastic cloud website hosting system is available at: in the US, in the UK, in Scandinavia and in Australia. You can also inspect the cloud hosting demo account - note the audiovisual presentations located there. If you have no clue what cloud site hosting in fact is, have a glimpse at the site hosting article.

Feature Overview Corporate Optimal Business Light
Price Per Month
Web Hosting Space Unlimited 15 GB Unlimited 15 GB
Internet Traffic Unlimited 250 GB Unlimited 275 GB
Hosted Hostnames Unlimited 2 5 2
Domains Parked Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Emails Unlimited 500 500 500
FTP Accounts Unlimited 5 Unlimited 5
1-click Web App Installation Tool
Web Page Creation Tool
Free Domain Activation
Free Web Site Design Templates
Compensation Policy
Service Accessibility